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Patient Info

Intravitreal Injection

What happens after your Injection?

  • You may go home with a pad over the treated eye ( this can be removed after four hours)
  • You must not drive a car with your eye patched
  • You may clean the eye gently to remove any mucus
  • The white of your eyes may be red where the injection was inserted; this is normal and will go away after a few days
  • The eye may feel red, gritty, sandy, itchy and sore for a couple of days
  • You may see a few “spots” or “floaters” in your vision.

Abnormal things to watch out for after Injection

Occasionally intravitreal injections can cause an infection in the eye so the changes to watch out for in the week following are:

  • Increased pain or discomfort and swelling of the treated eye
  • Increased redness
  • Increased blurry vision or sudden drop in vision
  • Increasing sensitivity to light
  • Increasing floaters/flashes in the eye


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